It’s Wedding Season Not Blogging Season

Through the winter months I tend to keep up on the blog but when wedding season gets here I struggle to find the time. I know most of you think I work mostly on the weekends and screw around through the week. I wish that were the case.

For example, Monday and Tuesday of this week have gone like this.

Monday – I assigned DJs to go with our MCs for this weekends events. I called a couple of our MCs to see how their events went on Saturday. I called to check on some new equipment I ordered and where it was in the shipping process. I cleaned up some gear I am selling on ebay and posted pictures and listed the items for auction. I also looked fore some new tires for our DJ van, so we can sell it. I made a bank deposit from the weekends events. I answered the phone and emailed some potential clients. I then had a 4:00 meeting at my office to plan a wedding with Todd and Donna. After that I rushed to my sons baseball game and coached third base.

Tuesday – I’ve answered more emails. Deleted some emails off our server that had put us over quota. Talked to a web developer about getting our flash site ranked higher. I verified my reservation for the upcoming ARMDJS DJ conference next week and made arrangments for my kids to stay somewhere while my wife works when I am gone. I wrote this blog and managed to find about 2 hours to stain 1/2 my deck. I’ve been putting that off for far too long. I then made a call to a local country club and thanked them for the referal they had given me on the wedding I did Saturday (great time BTW). Later I’ll be going out to buy a new printer and I have a sales meeting at our office at 5:30. I’m also supposed to be at two baseball practices at 5:30. Oops!

I’m not complaining, just setting the record straight. I do work through the week. Tomorrow I’ll be putting the final touches on my wedding for Saturday and verifying I have everything ready for my Friday wedding. I’ve already put several hours of preperation into these events. I also have two more meetings tomorrow night.

Which brings me to the point… I might not have time to blog but I do have time to deliver awesomeness at weddings. Here is an email I received over the weekend.

Hi Brandon,

I wanted to send you feedback about our wedding ceremony & reception. We have been receiving non-stop feedback with the first words being “That was the BEST Wedding” we have ever been to, and a lot of is due to you.
Thank you for helping us coordinate & for leading the charge on our big day. Everyone LOVED the introductions & knew what was going on all night.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you did and I will be sure to recommend you to all future brides… they are crazy not to book you for their big day!

Thanks again!
Kasey & Zach

So I have more fun stuff to blog. Hopefully I can get too it sooner than later.

ADJA National Conference September 2011

I’m honored to be presenting at this event. DJs asked for it and they got Las Vegas, in the summer at a top notch hotel. I’m also excited to be learning from some of my peers and friends who are amoung the best in industry.

The Las Vegas Hilton
ADJA National Conference
September 12th – 14th 2011

The event is also right before and during the Wedding MBA Show at The Las Vegas Convention Center. Attend both and take your business to the next level.

Our Customers Know The Secret

You can hire an average DJ and hope to have a great reception or you can hire Hey! Mr DJ Entertainment and know your reception is going to be better than you could have imagined. Just come meet with us and you’ll see the difference.

Cincinnati Wedding DJ: The Redmoor With Pete and Amy

    Saturday I had the pleasure of performing at a wedding at The Redmoor for the first time. The Redmoor is located in Mount Lookout in Cincinnati and was formerly The Cinema Grill.  It has that movie theatre rat pack vibe. It’s really makes for a nice place to have a wedding reception especially for couples looking to get away from the typical reception hall feel.

Pete and Amy came to us all the way from California. They had seen me perform at a wedding for Amy’s brother David at French Park here in Cincinnati. In fact there is blog post about that wedding on here as well.

As I watched this video I noticed the dancing scenes are mostly to older songs. I assure you we played plenty of new music on this night as well. Pete and Amy had a great crowd that appreciated all kinds of music and we were very fortunate to be part of their wedding day. Check out the highlights below and if you are planning a reception at The Redmoor give me a call. I have a few more weddings scheduled there in the coming months and I’d be happy to go back anytime. It’s a great place. My compliments to Mandy and her staff on a job well done Saturday.

Wow! What A Wedding Reception

The video below is from Josh and Tiffany’s wedding reception. Josh and Tiff came to us on a referral from Sean Richey from Moments To Motion Videography. We did Sean’s wedding a few years back. Sean and his wife arrived at their reception in a helicopter! So, when Josh asked “Who’s the best DJ in Cincinnati?” Sean said “That’s easy Hey! Mr. DJ”. Josh and Tiff had already heard about us from Receptions at Eastgate and decided to call. In the first phone call I could tell how, romantic, creative and excited Josh was to give Tiffany her dream reception. Together we did just that!

Well here it is! Enjoy. (All video was shot by me. I am not in any of it. For professional video check on Sean’s site.)

Please call and let me help you with your DREAM Reception!

Your Wedding Soundtrack

It has been awhile since I last posted. September and October have been so busy for us. We’ve sold out every weekend. It has been a thrill to be part of so many amazing receptions lately.

One thing doing all these wedding receptions has reinforced for me is that every wedding soundtrack should be different and unique to that couple. Sure there are wedding standards that most people like but as I listen to my clients I find they all have tastes of thier own.

Let’s look at 4 wedding receptions That I performed for from September 19th – October 1st.

Friday September 19th I did a wedding at Receptions in Fairfield for Christy and Chris [You can see there Thank You card in my previous blog post]. Their wedding soundtrack was a “Rat Pack Style Dinner” followed by party classics for dancing and then mixed with some newer top 40 later. The dance floor was packed!

The next night Saturday September 20th I performed at The Briarwood in Hebron KY for Katie and Joe’s wedding reception. After playing a few songs it didn’t take long to figure out that Katie, Joe and thier guests loved to sing along. The entire night turned into one awesome sing-a-long. I had fun trying to keep the momentum going. Here is a video from that night (the song was the grooms favorite).

Saturday September 27th I was in Covington at the Plantation Club on Twin Oaks Golf Course for Katie and Aaron’s wedding reception. After several guests requests I jumped right into Katie’s request list which featured lots of country like Johnny Cash, Some 80’s hits, and even a few of today’s top hits including her must play “I Kissed A Girl” (First time I’ve played that at a wedding]. Again we had a great dance floor. For me it was a shame to see the night end as we had so many more great songs left we could have played. In fact I played over our time limit and the venue turned the lights on as a signal to stop 🙂

Then October 4th I was at The Pheonix in Cincinnati for Leah and Chris’s reception. Their wedding soundtrack was the most unique and all inclusive collections of songs I have ever played for a reception. Leah was an 80’s rocker at heart and Chris had been to over 100 Grateful dead concerts. Dinner was everything from Frank Sinatra to Jerry Garcia. We had their dance floor packed all night with requests from Ratt (really we did) to Allman Brothers (I swear we did) to Baby Got Back. We even had wedding crashers from the wedding next door come to party with us. I bet I played 10 songs that night that I had never before played at a wedding reception. What a party it was!

Most of my blog posts are about being creative, with lights, with formalities, with ideas to create a little magic for the you and you’re guests. Let us not forget being creative with the music.

Looking back over these events I realize how important it is for a wedding entertainer to know music, be willing to play it and to have the foresite and lack of ego to ask their clients “What do you want?”. Otherwise all weddings have the same soundtrack. What fun would that be?