I Was Interviewed By The Bride and Groom Planner!

What sets your business apart from other DJs?
I know from first hand experience that you all incorporate some really fun original ways of doing things that help make the reception a lot of fun. What else do you do that makes their night special?
Brandon: We set us apart. This is a talent based business. Our guys are not just push play DJs who perform the same tired wedding reception every week. We are talented wedding experts. We’ve traveled all over the country training and collecting ideas so that our clients are offered something they can only get from us. Every DJ does wedding party introductions, introduces the father daughter dance, the cake, etc. It’s how we do those things that set us apart. It is creative ideas, personalization and forwarding thinking that have placed us in such high demand.

Read the entire interview here:

The Grooms Workshop – Cincinnati

On Tuesday December the 8th I’ll be presenting “The Grooms Workshop”.  This is a 1 hour FREE event designed to provide grooms with little nuggets of information that can  have a big impact on their wedding day. Why be just the groom when you can be “the man”?

Both you and you’re bride will appreciate the knowledge gained in this workshop.

You’ll learn tips from such local experts as : Brandon Lindsey – Hey! Mr. DJ Entertainment, Steve Zugelter – Studio + Z Films, Daniel Michael – Images by Daniel Michael and Mike Folchi – Folchi’s Formalwear

  • How to shine on your wedding day while putting the real spotlight on your bride.
  • How to select and wear a tuxedo
  • How to help ease the stress of planning for your bride
  • How to stir emotion and romance on your wedding day
  • How to techniques on looking better in your wedding pictures and video
  • How to add some fun to your wedding reception

Don’t miss this event! Free Beer, Soda and Pizza! 

Doors open at 6:45 at Elements Event and Conference Center. The presentation begins at 7:00 and shoudl last 1 hour.

For more information or to RSVP please visit www.heymrdj.net/groomsworkshop.htm

Andrew and Lindsay’s Friday

A couple of weeks ago I got to spend my Friday entertaining at Andrew and Lindsay’s wedding ceremony and reception. The event was held at the Manor House. We planned this on short notice because Andrew who is in the Army reserves was given notice he was being deployed. Imagine getting married and then leaving your new spouse. We all owe them a debt of graditude for their sacrafice. Andrew I wish you the best. Maybe we can do a welcome home party in the future.

The video of the event is below. You will not hear any hip hop or rap as that was their request. We managed to squeeze in some newer rock for them and their friends to enjoy a few times toward the end of the night. As a side note Andrew and Lindsay had their first date going to their High School’s Sadie Hawkins dance.  As it turns out, I DJ’d that dance. Learning that was a pretty cool moment for me.

Wow! What A Wedding Reception

The video below is from Josh and Tiffany’s wedding reception. Josh and Tiff came to us on a referral from Sean Richey from Moments To Motion Videography. We did Sean’s wedding a few years back. Sean and his wife arrived at their reception in a helicopter! So, when Josh asked “Who’s the best DJ in Cincinnati?” Sean said “That’s easy Hey! Mr. DJ”. Josh and Tiff had already heard about us from Receptions at Eastgate and decided to call. In the first phone call I could tell how, romantic, creative and excited Josh was to give Tiffany her dream reception. Together we did just that!

Well here it is! Enjoy. (All video was shot by me. I am not in any of it. For professional video check on Sean’s site.)

Please call and let me help you with your DREAM Reception!

Return to French Park

Prior to this year I had not worked at French Park. In one of my earlier posts “Matt and Emily’s Uplighting” you can see the uplighting. Having been there I had even more ideas for Leah and Dave’s wedding pictured below.

All the guests were seated under the tent so everything was centralized. This made it much easier to focus the guests attention on the most important parts of the day.  The tent made the perfect Canvas for a monogram!

Leah and Dave’s first dance at dusk..with their monogram.(Provided by me)

What A First Dance!

What A First Dance!

The guests were treated to personalized introductions where Dave and Leah had provided me with some funny and cute stories to share about the wedding party members as they entered. We got even more creative for dinner as guests were asked trivia questions about the couple. Those tables that answered correctly were invited to the buffet line immediately. If they missed they had to select another table to go  just ahead of them.  Dave and Leah were also asked some questions about each other at the conclusion of dinner in a newlywed game fashion. It was terrific.

In a survey to us Leah said her favorite part of the day was “the mini love story” I did for them . As they met in the center of the dance floor for their final dance their guests heard the story of how they met , how their first date went and how Dave had asked Leah to be his wife on New Years Eve. It was very powerful and the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Here are a few more pictures.

Guests seated under the tent  for dinner

Guests seated under the tent for dinner

Patio Dancing - Pink Uplights

Patio Dancing - Pink Uplights

Here is what Leah had to say on our survey afterwards.

“It was awesome – it went above and beyond all expectations. You guys came up with so many awesome additions to the reception (the lights, the games, etc) that I know everyone will remember!!”

“I loved that our last dance was accompanied by the story of us (the bride and groom) getting together.”

“You guys do so much more than play the music, and you add so much to the event besides the music. My reception stood out from everyone else’s I’ve ever been to because of the DJ!”

Thanks Leah and Dave. I was so happy to be part of your day.

It Feels Good

I’m not the only MC working for my company. My partner Jason and I own 5 systems and with the help of great employees each weekend we can do multiple events. Our goal is to keep the quality high regardless of quantity. It feels good to hear how we impact people’s lives.

Jason and I did a wedding together back in 2005. For Julie and Ryan Tomlinson. Julie had seen me at her friends Ryan and Katie Wolf’s wedding, where she was a bridesmaid. Here is a picture of her dancing that night.

Julie dancing.

You go Julie.

Jason saw Julie again Saturday Night at Greg and Jill’s wedding reception.

Ryan and Julie

Ryan and Julie again Saturday

Because we believe in forming relationships with our clients and not just showing up and playing music, Jason remembered them and their reception. He also remembered their first dance song. For one of the slow songs that night he played it with no announcement. He just played it. He had a nice conversation with the couple and the reception held at RSVP at Wards Corner was soo good it went an extra hour Saturday.

Yesterday Jason received this email from Julie. He said he teared up a little bit.


Just wanted to say GREAT JOB at Jill and Greg’s wedding! I wish every wedding I went to was DJ’d by you guys. There is so much energy and it’s such as blast.

Like I told you at the reception, 3 years after my wedding, people are still telling me that my reception was the best they’d ever been to. Starlite Ballroom isn’t the most glamorous hall for a reception but you placed the attention on the fun and energy…thanks again for that.

I will continue to spread the word about Hey Mr DJ for as long as you all are in the biz. You’re awesome and thanks for the kind words after my tear-filled toast. Oh, and thanks for playing mine and Ryan’s song, that made my night.

Keep rockin’!
Julie Tomlinson

Thank you SO much Julie. That makes us all feel awesome!