Brides Talk About Their Best Investments and Things They Wish They Had Made A Priority

Going into the wedding planning process, brides are often smitten with wedding shows on TV and with wedding magazines. Most of these shows and magazines highlight the beauty of the wedding while very few mention the entertainment. They all show you how to make your wedding pretty but none of them show you how to make your wedding fun.

Below is a video interview with brides who were recently married. All but one of the brides mentions the DJ as something they either were glad they made a priority or something they wish they had made a priority. The one who doesn’t mention the DJ is an older bride who had different priorities and a different vision than most. I really enjoyed the comments from the girl who hired her DJ from Craigslist. Good talent isn’t cheap and cheap talent isn’t good.

I find it really interesting that articles and these interviews always seem to indicate the same thing. After the wedding, the bride often realizes the entertainment should have been a huge priority. An article in St. Louis Bride and Groom magazine back in 2003 showed that 72% of brides wished they had made entertainment a priority for their reception. 81% of guests surveyed said the entertainment and fun was the #1 thing they remember. Within a week of their wedding day being over 78% of couples say they wish they had made the entertainment their #1 priority

And now this video seems to indicate the same thing.