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I wrote a guest blog that is kicking off a series called Vendors Uncorked. Kellie Daab an event planner at Hand in Hand Events is hosting the series. You’ll get behind the scenes thoughts from some of the best in the wedding industry.

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My top 10 Tips For Brides At Bridal Shows

It’s bridal show season! It’s your chance to meet some of the areas finest wedding vendors. So here are my top 10 tips for you brides about to attend one of the many winter bridal shows.

Top 10 Tips For Brides At Bridal Shows

10. Dress for comfort. Wear comfortable shoes. Check your coat. Maybe dress in layers so you can take off that sweater if you get hot. It’s a long day of walking, standing and talking. So be comfortable.

9. Do some advance research. Look at the list of vendors who will be there. Visit their websites. Make some notes. Some you’ll be able to cross off your list before you arrive. Others, you’ll want to make a note to talk more with at the show. This will save you time.

8. Don’t fall for show specials. Chances are if vendors are desperate enough to offer a show special then they’ll honor that same special a few days later. Most of these “specials” are designed to pressure you into signing a contract right then and there. That’s not how things should work on your wedding day. Take your time and make an educated decision.

7. Don’t start the conversation with “How much do you charge ?”  When you ask this right up front it puts these wedding professionals off. They will need more information about your wedding day before they can give an exact price. Also you’ll need more information about what they offer to do a real comparison. So starting off with “How much do you charge?” just creates a bad vibe.

6. Ask good questions. In relation to #7 on the list above, asking the right questions to these potential vendors will separate the professionals from the pretenders. “What are 3 unique things you’ve done recently at a wedding?” is a good question. “How many years of experience do you have?” might not be a good question because they could lie. Questions that make vendors think quick on their feet will give them a chance to prove their experience and knowledge and will expose those who are lacking. (Look at My top 10 questions to ask vendors at bridal shows)

5. Have conversations. Plan on being at the show for a while. Talk to vendors one on one. Just grabbing a business card or a flyer doesn’t accomplish anything. You can do better than that sitting at home and surfing the internet. Talk, listen, and get a real feel for these vendors personalities and what they offer.

4. Arrive early. Get to the show early and be waiting for the doors to open. You’ll catch the vendors when they are fresh. You’ll get through quicker and if you see any vendors still setting up or getting organized as brides are entering the show, you’ll know who might do the same on your wedding day.

3. Try to get free passes before the show from participating vendors. Almost every show I have ever done as a vendor has sent me free tickets to provide to some potential clients. So find out who is going to be at the show you are looking at attending. Call around and ask if they have any free tickets. They’ll be happy to give them to you.

2. Don’t shop on price alone. You are assembling a team. No two vendors are exactly alike. A cheap price doesn’t always mean it’s a good deal. Every decision you make will have some impact large or small on your wedding day. Find the best, the professionals you like the most. Go home and rank them in order of priority. Then determine, based on your budget, who makes your team.

1. Have fun! Bring your maid of honor. If you drink, relax and have a drink. Make yourself at home. Joke with the vendors. You’ll see other sides of them that might give you more insight into what they might be like to work with. Enjoy planning your wedding. It’s a once in a lifetime feeling.

I hope these tips help. Enjoy your planning. Let me know if I can be of assistance. My company will not be at many bridal shows this winter as we are already having a tremendous 2011. If you are interested in booking with us, just call. We offer face to face meetings in our Madiera office. You can catch us on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at the Hollywood Casino Bridal Show. For those brides booked at the Manor House,  as one of their preferred vendors, we will be at their bridal tasting Tuesday January 18th. Enjoy the shows!

Buckeyes Get Married – Scott and Katie

Scott and Katie were great to work for. I performed at there wedding last month and I’m just getting the video logs caught up. Scott and Katie were both members of the Ohio State Marching Band. They trusted me and wanted to have a good time. We did some great intros at this wedding. There was tons of dancing all night. They had emotion, fun and made some great memories. Proof is in the video. Also check out the uplights. You can have those at your wedding too!

Christy and Jeremy 7 Years later!

8 Years ago Jason and I had the pleasure of meeting Christy and Jeremy at a Christmas party for the company Christy worked for . A few months later we were hired to do their wedding. The wedding took place in Aurora Indiana at The Aurora Park Pavilion.  Here is a picture of their dance floor that night.

Jeremy and Christy's Dance Floor 7 years Ago!

Jeremy and Christy's Dance Floor 7 years Ago!

Since then we have run into Christy and Jeremy a few times. We entertained a couple of their family reunions. We were lucky enough to be hired by a few of their friends to entertain at their weddings. In fact if you look at my last blog entry Matt and Susan at Kolping Center  Matt is long time friends with the family and even though Christy and Jeremy now live in Tennessee, they heard about us from them.

Here are the not so newlywed’s at Matt and  Susan’s wedding reception.

I love you guys!

I love you guys!

 Christy told me that 7 years later people still talk about her reception and how much fun it was. She told me that they think their reception was the best ever! On their wedding day I gave them a gift. I printed and framed their song lyrics. I haven’t done that for a couple for several years now but I might just have to start again because Christy told me that their first dance lyrics hang on their bathroom wall to this day. I even had the pleasure of seeing a picture of their three year old son. 

So why this blog? A few reasons.  To say thanks to all of our past clients who still check in with us and tell their friends about us. To demonstrate to people reading this that we do build real relationships with our clients. Thanks Christy and Jeremy for being you!

Brandon Lindsey “A Different Kind Of Wedding DJ”

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m a Cincinnati based, professionally trained Master of Ceremonies, Wedding Entertainemnt Expert,  and Disc Jockey.   . My company is Hey! Mr. DJ Entertainment llc. I’m available for booking in Cincinnati and Nationwide.  Call Today!

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Your Wedding Soundtrack

It has been awhile since I last posted. September and October have been so busy for us. We’ve sold out every weekend. It has been a thrill to be part of so many amazing receptions lately.

One thing doing all these wedding receptions has reinforced for me is that every wedding soundtrack should be different and unique to that couple. Sure there are wedding standards that most people like but as I listen to my clients I find they all have tastes of thier own.

Let’s look at 4 wedding receptions That I performed for from September 19th – October 1st.

Friday September 19th I did a wedding at Receptions in Fairfield for Christy and Chris [You can see there Thank You card in my previous blog post]. Their wedding soundtrack was a “Rat Pack Style Dinner” followed by party classics for dancing and then mixed with some newer top 40 later. The dance floor was packed!

The next night Saturday September 20th I performed at The Briarwood in Hebron KY for Katie and Joe’s wedding reception. After playing a few songs it didn’t take long to figure out that Katie, Joe and thier guests loved to sing along. The entire night turned into one awesome sing-a-long. I had fun trying to keep the momentum going. Here is a video from that night (the song was the grooms favorite).

Saturday September 27th I was in Covington at the Plantation Club on Twin Oaks Golf Course for Katie and Aaron’s wedding reception. After several guests requests I jumped right into Katie’s request list which featured lots of country like Johnny Cash, Some 80’s hits, and even a few of today’s top hits including her must play “I Kissed A Girl” (First time I’ve played that at a wedding]. Again we had a great dance floor. For me it was a shame to see the night end as we had so many more great songs left we could have played. In fact I played over our time limit and the venue turned the lights on as a signal to stop 🙂

Then October 4th I was at The Pheonix in Cincinnati for Leah and Chris’s reception. Their wedding soundtrack was the most unique and all inclusive collections of songs I have ever played for a reception. Leah was an 80’s rocker at heart and Chris had been to over 100 Grateful dead concerts. Dinner was everything from Frank Sinatra to Jerry Garcia. We had their dance floor packed all night with requests from Ratt (really we did) to Allman Brothers (I swear we did) to Baby Got Back. We even had wedding crashers from the wedding next door come to party with us. I bet I played 10 songs that night that I had never before played at a wedding reception. What a party it was!

Most of my blog posts are about being creative, with lights, with formalities, with ideas to create a little magic for the you and you’re guests. Let us not forget being creative with the music.

Looking back over these events I realize how important it is for a wedding entertainer to know music, be willing to play it and to have the foresite and lack of ego to ask their clients “What do you want?”. Otherwise all weddings have the same soundtrack. What fun would that be?


Your wedding day will be filled with emotional moments. As a Master of Ceremonies my job is to help put my clients in good situations through planning and by recognizing where those moments might come so that they are highlighted in the schedule and so the guests recognize them as well. It is also the ability of the Master of Ceremonies to handle your announcements in a simple but genuine way so that your guests feel that emotion in the air.

Anna moved to tears during a sneak peak of the room

Anna moved to tears during a sneak peak of the room

I think my friend Matt Pine’s company, Lifetime Video does a great job of capturing not just the footage of your wedding day but recognizing the emotion in the day and knowing when to anticipate it happening so that it is captured on video forever. Even better you can see in the editing process that the emotion is highlighted and jumps out at you. It’s not your typical wedding video.

This is a link to a video on Matt’s blog from a wedding we did together on August 2nd for Anna and Dave. They are a great couple with awesome friends and wonderful families. I really enjoyed this reception. It was classy, beautiful and FUN! This is what Matt calls a trailer. It’s a highlight real for the couple and their family and friends to get excited about while the finished product is being completed.

Look for the emotion!! The Perfect Day – A Wedding Trailer by Lifetime Video

Special thanks to Heidi from I Thee Wed for sending Anna and Dave my way. I appreciate your trust in me.

Return to French Park

Prior to this year I had not worked at French Park. In one of my earlier posts “Matt and Emily’s Uplighting” you can see the uplighting. Having been there I had even more ideas for Leah and Dave’s wedding pictured below.

All the guests were seated under the tent so everything was centralized. This made it much easier to focus the guests attention on the most important parts of the day.  The tent made the perfect Canvas for a monogram!

Leah and Dave’s first dance at dusk..with their monogram.(Provided by me)

What A First Dance!

What A First Dance!

The guests were treated to personalized introductions where Dave and Leah had provided me with some funny and cute stories to share about the wedding party members as they entered. We got even more creative for dinner as guests were asked trivia questions about the couple. Those tables that answered correctly were invited to the buffet line immediately. If they missed they had to select another table to go  just ahead of them.  Dave and Leah were also asked some questions about each other at the conclusion of dinner in a newlywed game fashion. It was terrific.

In a survey to us Leah said her favorite part of the day was “the mini love story” I did for them . As they met in the center of the dance floor for their final dance their guests heard the story of how they met , how their first date went and how Dave had asked Leah to be his wife on New Years Eve. It was very powerful and the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Here are a few more pictures.

Guests seated under the tent  for dinner

Guests seated under the tent for dinner

Patio Dancing - Pink Uplights

Patio Dancing - Pink Uplights

Here is what Leah had to say on our survey afterwards.

“It was awesome – it went above and beyond all expectations. You guys came up with so many awesome additions to the reception (the lights, the games, etc) that I know everyone will remember!!”

“I loved that our last dance was accompanied by the story of us (the bride and groom) getting together.”

“You guys do so much more than play the music, and you add so much to the event besides the music. My reception stood out from everyone else’s I’ve ever been to because of the DJ!”

Thanks Leah and Dave. I was so happy to be part of your day.

Weekly Tip #2 – Be Creative

Most couples approach planning a wedding reception based on what they have seen before. This makes since because so many of the same formalities and traditions are wrapped up in the day. A colleague and mentor of mine, Mark Ferrell, likes to say “It isn’t what you do, It’s how you do it”. I couldn’t agree more. Every moment of your reception from the cocktail hour until the last song of the night can be creative and made to be different than what you’re guests are used to seeing.

I typically offer my clients somewhere in the area of 50 creative ideas for their reception. They choose two or three or four of those ideas, that fit their personality. These are things that grab the attention of their guests. These are things that make them decide to stay a little longer and they are things that will leave your guests feeling like they “experienced something” rather than “attended something”. Perhaps it is a creative introduction into the room or a creative way to get your guests into a buffet line that will impress. Maybe it’s an emotional father daughter dance, or a surprise first dance your guest will be moved by. Whatever it is don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Just to be clear creativity doesn’t have to be wild. It can also be heart felt. I recently did the reception of Thomas and Becky Flutey. Becky told me the story of the song she had decided on for her dance with her father. After hearing it I knew others would want to hear it as well. So we placed the Father Daughter dance right after toasts. Becky’s dad was the last person to speak and afterwards I asked him to stay there on the dance floor as Becky took the microphone. She told her story to the crowd. She talked about how her dad would take her fishing and they would sing the song to and from these father daughter outings. She talked about how much he meant to her and how that song reminds her of him. Then she said “Dad can I have this dance?” Call it creative, emotional, or memorable Becky’s dance with her dad was all three and I can promise you her guests were moved by it.

So don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and raise the bar at your reception. If you choose to hire me I can help with that. There is also a great book on the subject, The Best Wedding Reception Ever written by a friend of mine, Peter Merry.

Where ever you get the ideas have fun being creative in your planning!

Joe and Raddah’s Big Day

One thing I’ve learned as a wedding entertainer is that love knows no bounds. Joe and Raddah are a perfect example of that. Raddah’s family is Hindu and Joe’s family is Christian. In spite of their cultural differences they are very much in love.

The Hindu ceremony was held in the atrium at The Manor House. The reception for their 400+ guests was just across the hallway. Here is a picture of the amazing ceremony.

The Hindu Ceremony

The Hindu Ceremony

Raddah’s family members in the wedding party provided me with a real challange of name pronunciation. I practiced and rehearsed and I think I nailed them all, including Raddah’s dad’s name Chandron. Then to my surprise everyone else that night called Chandron by his nickname “Burt”. I had to laugh at myself.

Raddah and Joe came to us on the referral of Rob and Gina who’s wedding I did in November. Saturday Gina was the Tholee(Maid of Honor) in Rhadda’s Hindu Ceremony. Here is Rob and Gina with me Saturday.

Me, Gina and Rob

Me, Gina and Rob

I worked with Daniel Michael from Images By Daniel Michael on this event. I love to work with Dan because he is such a great guy and has a lot of energy. He took a shot of everyone at the wedding Saturday on the dance floor which we lead into dancing. When I get a copy of that shot I’ll be sure to post it. It should be awesome.

This reception had it’s own magical moments. I made a photo slideshow for them which everyone watched during dinner. I noticed all the parents tearing up. Both Dad’s gave tremendous toasts. Joe took the microphone and had some very nice words for his mother that really brought emotion to the Mother Son Dance. We did an exciting interactive to give away the centerpieces. The crowd danced to both American and Indian music. The last dance of the night turned into a bigger highlight than normal when Joe challenged Raddah to a “Dance Off”. Raddah won and it was awesome. I then recapped the story of how Joe asked Raddah to marry him as I introduced their final dance of the evening. What a great way to end a great night. Raddah came up to me at the end, hugged me and said “People are talking about how much they loved this reception”. Joe was equally thrilled and thanked me several times for a great party.

Here are a few more pictures from Joe and Raddah’s wedding.

400 guests lots of seating cards!

400 guests lots of seating cards!

Our Set-up, very clean

Our Set-up, very clean

Joe and Raddah cut the Cake, Dan at work

Joe and Raddah cut the Cake, Dan at work

Newlyweds bust a move.

Newlyweds bust a move.

More dancing

More dancing

Surrounded by their closest friends during the farewell dance.

Surrounded by their closest friends during the farewell dance.

Joe, Raddah and Me

Joe, Raddah and Me