The Value Of Good Wedding Entertainment

    It’s January and so many excited brides are in search of their wedding vendors for 2013 and 2014. You are Googleing vendors, going to Bridal Shows and thumbing through every wedding magazine you can get your hands on. Meanwhile you are dreaming of the beautiful day you are planning. You picture yourself walking down the isle. You picture your soon to be husband or wife’s face the first time you see each other that day. You picture your guests.

How do you picture your guests? In your dreams are they eating? In your dreams are they walking around admiring your centerpieces?  I doubt it! Most brides and grooms envision their guests smiling, laughing, talking and DANCING.

Right now you are thinking, “OK tell me something I don’t know.” How about this. Did you know that according to studies and surveys of brides before the wedding 51% are most concerned about the food at the reception. 13 % of brides are most worried about the ceremony. 16% are most worried about the dress, tux and bridesmaid dresses. 12% of brides are most concerned with their photos. In fact only 8% of brides are making their entertainment a priority concern.

All that is understandable. All of those things are certainly important. But did you know that 71% of brides surveyed after their wedding wish they had made entertainment a bigger priority?  That means 71% were not completely happy with their entertainment and how “entertained” their guest were. 71% realized too late the value of good wedding entertainment.   

That is such a shame. Because even the most expensive DJs are generally less that 10% of what The Knot says the average wedding cost ($28,000) is in 2013.

You see it’s hard to put a percentage on the impression good entertainment has on your wedding day. What percentage of the success of your reception falls on the DJ or Band and their ability to keep your guests happy, comfortable, enjoying themselves? What percentage of your guests memories are directly related to the FUN or emotional moments facilitated by great DJs or bands vs average DJs or bands? It’s hard to say but 71% of brides realize it is a LARGE percentage and they realize it too late. 

It’s January 2013 and brides are calling looking for vendors. When they call us at Hey! Mr. DJ Entertainment. they often first ask “What do you charge?” I’ll tell you all here and now what we charge. We charge less than 10% of that $28,000 average wedding cost. Instead of asking that question, how about just asking when you can come in and meet us to hear about what we do? You’ll find out that 71% of brides made the wrong decision, many of those choices were made based on the price. If you don’t come meet us, you’ll never know what you are missing. Don’t end up at your reception and wishing you had spent a little more for great entertainment. Call us today 513-617-5817. We have openings this week and next to hear about your wedding dreams and show you how we can make them happen. 

* Sources the Knot, USA TODAY, Simmons, The National Bridal Service, Brides Magazine and Big Time Entertainment

Reception Tip #3 – Prioritize

Chances are your wedding reception is the biggest most expensive party you will ever throw. By definition you will be entertaining all of the most important people in your life. Decide what is most important to you about this party. Is it the decorations? Is it the food? Is it the fun? Once you have decided what your priorities are, focus your attention and money on that one thing first. Then if you have to cut your budget in other areas at least you are not cutting what is most important to you.

Our services at Hey! Mr. DJ Entertainment are not cheap but we are a great value. If your priority is food and you want your reception to revolve around your guests enjoying different foods and flavors then maybe we are not in your budget. If you need a 40 foot stretch hummer to ride from the church to the reception and would prefer to spend more on that and save on your entertainment then maybe we are not right for you.

However, If you want your guests to say things like “Best reception ever”, “Other receptions have paled in comparison”, “We had so much fun” then maybe we are for you. It’s important to understand that like all limos are not the same and all chef’s are not the same all DJs and MCs are not the same either. Choose wisely if entertainment is a priority for you.

Here is the prefect example.

The above video was shot in September of 2007 at one of the nicer venues in Cincinnati. Both parties started at 8:00. I remember being a little jealous of the DJ who was hired for the other party because the room was decorated so wonderfully. It was just gorgeous. At 11:30 I went to take a look at how their party was going. Sadly it was not going. What if they had spent less on centerpieces and a little more on entertainment? There are no second chances in this business.