Wow! What A Wedding Reception

The video below is from Josh and Tiffany’s wedding reception. Josh and Tiff came to us on a referral from Sean Richey from Moments To Motion Videography. We did Sean’s wedding a few years back. Sean and his wife arrived at their reception in a helicopter! So, when Josh asked “Who’s the best DJ in Cincinnati?” Sean said “That’s easy Hey! Mr. DJ”. Josh and Tiff had already heard about us from Receptions at Eastgate and decided to call. In the first phone call I could tell how, romantic, creative and excited Josh was to give Tiffany her dream reception. Together we did just that!

Well here it is! Enjoy. (All video was shot by me. I am not in any of it. For professional video check on Sean’s site.)

Please call and let me help you with your DREAM Reception!