The Value Of Good Wedding Entertainment

    It’s January and so many excited brides are in search of their wedding vendors for 2013 and 2014. You are Googleing vendors, going to Bridal Shows and thumbing through every wedding magazine you can get your hands on. Meanwhile you are dreaming of the beautiful day you are planning. You picture yourself walking down the isle. You picture your soon to be husband or wife’s face the first time you see each other that day. You picture your guests.

How do you picture your guests? In your dreams are they eating? In your dreams are they walking around admiring your centerpieces?  I doubt it! Most brides and grooms envision their guests smiling, laughing, talking and DANCING.

Right now you are thinking, “OK tell me something I don’t know.” How about this. Did you know that according to studies and surveys of brides before the wedding 51% are most concerned about the food at the reception. 13 % of brides are most worried about the ceremony. 16% are most worried about the dress, tux and bridesmaid dresses. 12% of brides are most concerned with their photos. In fact only 8% of brides are making their entertainment a priority concern.

All that is understandable. All of those things are certainly important. But did you know that 71% of brides surveyed after their wedding wish they had made entertainment a bigger priority?  That means 71% were not completely happy with their entertainment and how “entertained” their guest were. 71% realized too late the value of good wedding entertainment.   

That is such a shame. Because even the most expensive DJs are generally less that 10% of what The Knot says the average wedding cost ($28,000) is in 2013.

You see it’s hard to put a percentage on the impression good entertainment has on your wedding day. What percentage of the success of your reception falls on the DJ or Band and their ability to keep your guests happy, comfortable, enjoying themselves? What percentage of your guests memories are directly related to the FUN or emotional moments facilitated by great DJs or bands vs average DJs or bands? It’s hard to say but 71% of brides realize it is a LARGE percentage and they realize it too late. 

It’s January 2013 and brides are calling looking for vendors. When they call us at Hey! Mr. DJ Entertainment. they often first ask “What do you charge?” I’ll tell you all here and now what we charge. We charge less than 10% of that $28,000 average wedding cost. Instead of asking that question, how about just asking when you can come in and meet us to hear about what we do? You’ll find out that 71% of brides made the wrong decision, many of those choices were made based on the price. If you don’t come meet us, you’ll never know what you are missing. Don’t end up at your reception and wishing you had spent a little more for great entertainment. Call us today 513-617-5817. We have openings this week and next to hear about your wedding dreams and show you how we can make them happen. 

* Sources the Knot, USA TODAY, Simmons, The National Bridal Service, Brides Magazine and Big Time Entertainment

Mastering Your Wedding Timeline RSVP Today

The timeline of your wedding day is one of the most important elements that will impact how you and your guests feel about your big day.

A great timeline will reduce your stress,maximize your time at the reception and allow you to relax and enjoy your day. A good reception timeline will highlight all the important moments, flow smoothly and get you to dancing quickly.  This information will be invaluable to you.

Normally this session is offered at $20 a person. This one is FREE.

RSVP soon as we expect limited seating as the day approaches.

You can RSVP by emailing or calling 513-617-5817

New wedding Venue In Cincinnati! The Center

Last week I was able to stop in at The Center for a wedding vendor networking party put on by The Knot. The Center is a new event venue in downtown Cincinnati. The place is awesome! Windows in the venue overlook Fountain Square. The space was big but divided up just enough to offer an intimate feel. I’m sure they offer many options for decorating the venue. At the party I attended the place was popping with fabric on the walls and uplighting used to make the place shine. Some of the space had been set-up in a VIP nightclub feel with lounge furniture. It was very current and modern and really beautiful.

Here is a link to a few pictures on their blog so you can see for yourself.

The Center is of course surrounded by many downtown hotels and would make the perfect place for out of town guests to party and get safely back to their rooms.

If you are considering downtown venues for your reception, put The Center on your list to visit.

Trapped In DJ Hell

I took the night off on New Years Eve and quickly found myself in DJ hell. My Facebook friends saw my status updates that night.  It was not good but by the time we figured out that it wouldn’t be good we had already spent a pretty penny and it was too late in the night to make other plans.

Here is some of what I put on facebook that night.

I’m at a new years eve party and the DJ sucks BADLY! No kidding he just went from New York New York to Sharp Dressed Man to open the dance floor. Calling a cab stat!

Ah Old Time Rock & Roll for a second time! Not! This is what I get for scheduling the night off.

A local hotel has been hosting a NYE party for years. The deal includes purchasing a room which gets you access to a party with open bar and dinner. My wife and I along with some friends decided to check it out because it was close to home and wouldn’t require us to drive anywhere. It sounded like a good deal and overall it was. Except for one thing, THE DJ.

It wasn’t just his poor choice of music, or his 20 year old speakers that sounded worse than my home stereo but it was also his constant talking between songs. It was also the random order of songs going from one genre to the next with a silent pause between some songs that would clear the dance floor. This crowd was ready to party and he made it so difficult for us all.

Although this post may sound like a DJ bashing, it is not. It is me telling you that I learned a lesson that many brides don’t learn until after it’s too late for them. You hire a DJ because it sounds like a great deal only to end up trapped in DJ Hell at your own wedding reception.

When you hire a DJ for your wedding, you are hiring someone who will have a live microphone in their hands in front of all the most important people in your life on the biggest day of your life. You are hiring someone who will be responsible for entertaining your guests for the majority of your wedding day. You are hiring someone who will oversee the flow of your reception and make sure that things stay on schedule. You are hiring the person who controls the energy in the room and helps create atmosphere. You are hiring the single most important wedding vendor of your wedding day.

Don’t be a bride who decides to save money on the DJ just because there are cheap DJs out there. They are cheap for a reason. They know exactly what they are worth and your wedding day is worth more than that. Once you arrive and realize your DJ isn’t very good, it’s too late.   DJ is not the place to save money in your budget, it just isn’t. If you want to know what to look for when you hire a DJ come meet with me. If you want to see the difference on video from one DJ to the next come meet with me.  Don’t find yourself trapped in DJ Hell at the biggest most important party of your life.

ADJA National Conference September 2011

I’m honored to be presenting at this event. DJs asked for it and they got Las Vegas, in the summer at a top notch hotel. I’m also excited to be learning from some of my peers and friends who are amoung the best in industry.

The Las Vegas Hilton
ADJA National Conference
September 12th – 14th 2011

The event is also right before and during the Wedding MBA Show at The Las Vegas Convention Center. Attend both and take your business to the next level.

Cincinnati Wedding – Places We’ve Played: The Manor House

The Manor House in Mason Ohio is one of the nicest venues in Cincinnati. Over the past several years we have performed many many times in one of the Manor House’s many rooms. In fact when the owners had a party for a friend last year, we were honored to be the DJ of choice.

So what are the advantages of The Manor House? For starters it’s the perfect setting for both a ceremony and reception. Ceremonies can be held in the courtyard, the atrium, on the patio or under a gazebo. The courtyard is a beautful pathed area that winds through a wonderful garden of flowers, the courtyard makes for an amazing setting for photos as well.

The Manor House is a plantation style special event estate. A reception held here can be both elegant and fun. The rooms can be adjusted to hold very large parties or small private affairs. The staff is exceptional here.

We have provided entertainement at many recpetions here. All with different tastes and ideas for their version of the best wedding reception ever. Some examples are: Most recently an East Coast style reception for The Dragani’s, a couple from New Jersey that involved dancing between courses of the dinner. The Fluty’s a large reception that ended with nearly 200 people still on the dancefloor. Radha and Joe Weiler’s wedding and reception which featured both a Hindu and a Christian ceremony, then a great party afterwards! The reception was featured in Cincinnati Wedding Maganize August 2008.

Here are a few pictures from receptions we have done at The Manor House.

Joe and Raddah, Images By Daniel Michael

Success! A Packed Dance Floor

The Fluty Wedding

Cincinnati Wedding DJ: The Redmoor With Pete and Amy

    Saturday I had the pleasure of performing at a wedding at The Redmoor for the first time. The Redmoor is located in Mount Lookout in Cincinnati and was formerly The Cinema Grill.  It has that movie theatre rat pack vibe. It’s really makes for a nice place to have a wedding reception especially for couples looking to get away from the typical reception hall feel.

Pete and Amy came to us all the way from California. They had seen me perform at a wedding for Amy’s brother David at French Park here in Cincinnati. In fact there is blog post about that wedding on here as well.

As I watched this video I noticed the dancing scenes are mostly to older songs. I assure you we played plenty of new music on this night as well. Pete and Amy had a great crowd that appreciated all kinds of music and we were very fortunate to be part of their wedding day. Check out the highlights below and if you are planning a reception at The Redmoor give me a call. I have a few more weddings scheduled there in the coming months and I’d be happy to go back anytime. It’s a great place. My compliments to Mandy and her staff on a job well done Saturday.