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I wrote a guest blog that is kicking off a series called Vendors Uncorked. Kellie Daab an event planner at Hand in Hand Events is hosting the series. You’ll get behind the scenes thoughts from some of the best in the wedding industry.

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Brides Talk About Their Best Investments and Things They Wish They Had Made A Priority

Going into the wedding planning process, brides are often smitten with wedding shows on TV and with wedding magazines. Most of these shows and magazines highlight the beauty of the wedding while very few mention the entertainment. They all show you how to make your wedding pretty but none of them show you how to make your wedding fun.

Below is a video interview with brides who were recently married. All but one of the brides mentions the DJ as something they either were glad they made a priority or something they wish they had made a priority. The one who doesn’t mention the DJ is an older bride who had different priorities and a different vision than most. I really enjoyed the comments from the girl who hired her DJ from Craigslist. Good talent isn’t cheap and cheap talent isn’t good.

I find it really interesting that articles and these interviews always seem to indicate the same thing. After the wedding, the bride often realizes the entertainment should have been a huge priority. An article in St. Louis Bride and Groom magazine back in 2003 showed that 72% of brides wished they had made entertainment a priority for their reception. 81% of guests surveyed said the entertainment and fun was the #1 thing they remember. Within a week of their wedding day being over 78% of couples say they wish they had made the entertainment their #1 priority

And now this video seems to indicate the same thing.

The DJ Wedding Vendors Use When They Get Married

Another DJ in town used to use this little tag line. If you think about it, it really means a lot. Wedding Vendors have been to hundreds of weddings. They have seen the best and worst of vendors. So for one of them to select us to entertain at their wedding is a huge vote of approval and a huge honor.

We have had that honor several times. In fact I believe we are The DJ Company Wedding Vendors Use When They Get Married or have events.

When Jen and Steve Adkins from Jen Adkins Photography were married, we did the event. Same for Nicole from Nicole Lynn Photography and for Christy from Gardner Photography.

We also performed at the wedding of the owners of Academy Event Rental. Our good friend Sean Richie from Lifemark Studios who does both Photo and Video is another one of our past wedding clients. Shannon Burns, from Imaged By Shannon is one of our brides and she has sent many of her friends our way. Just this past weekend we performed at the wedding and reception of  Jessica Fischer, who is a friend and former photographer for Images By Daniel Michael. You can read what he had to say about us on his blog.

Additionally when Beach Photography had a birthday party, we were the choice. We also performed at a birthday party for the owners of one of Cincinnati’s most well known wedding venues, the Manor House. We have also done two parties for  Laura at Laura Lane Photography.  Additionally, Shannon Wullenweber, a Cincinnati area wedding planner has referred us to do one of  her best friends weddings and we have performed at several parties for her family.

There are also a few more that I am not mentioning here for privacy reasons.

So, if wedding vendors turn to us with their events. Why wouldn’t you?

It’s Wedding Season Not Blogging Season

Through the winter months I tend to keep up on the blog but when wedding season gets here I struggle to find the time. I know most of you think I work mostly on the weekends and screw around through the week. I wish that were the case.

For example, Monday and Tuesday of this week have gone like this.

Monday – I assigned DJs to go with our MCs for this weekends events. I called a couple of our MCs to see how their events went on Saturday. I called to check on some new equipment I ordered and where it was in the shipping process. I cleaned up some gear I am selling on ebay and posted pictures and listed the items for auction. I also looked fore some new tires for our DJ van, so we can sell it. I made a bank deposit from the weekends events. I answered the phone and emailed some potential clients. I then had a 4:00 meeting at my office to plan a wedding with Todd and Donna. After that I rushed to my sons baseball game and coached third base.

Tuesday – I’ve answered more emails. Deleted some emails off our server that had put us over quota. Talked to a web developer about getting our flash site ranked higher. I verified my reservation for the upcoming ARMDJS DJ conference next week and made arrangments for my kids to stay somewhere while my wife works when I am gone. I wrote this blog and managed to find about 2 hours to stain 1/2 my deck. I’ve been putting that off for far too long. I then made a call to a local country club and thanked them for the referal they had given me on the wedding I did Saturday (great time BTW). Later I’ll be going out to buy a new printer and I have a sales meeting at our office at 5:30. I’m also supposed to be at two baseball practices at 5:30. Oops!

I’m not complaining, just setting the record straight. I do work through the week. Tomorrow I’ll be putting the final touches on my wedding for Saturday and verifying I have everything ready for my Friday wedding. I’ve already put several hours of preperation into these events. I also have two more meetings tomorrow night.

Which brings me to the point… I might not have time to blog but I do have time to deliver awesomeness at weddings. Here is an email I received over the weekend.

Hi Brandon,

I wanted to send you feedback about our wedding ceremony & reception. We have been receiving non-stop feedback with the first words being “That was the BEST Wedding” we have ever been to, and a lot of is due to you.
Thank you for helping us coordinate & for leading the charge on our big day. Everyone LOVED the introductions & knew what was going on all night.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you did and I will be sure to recommend you to all future brides… they are crazy not to book you for their big day!

Thanks again!
Kasey & Zach

So I have more fun stuff to blog. Hopefully I can get too it sooner than later.

Our Customers Know The Secret

You can hire an average DJ and hope to have a great reception or you can hire Hey! Mr DJ Entertainment and know your reception is going to be better than you could have imagined. Just come meet with us and you’ll see the difference.

Make It Happen

In September in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Hilton, mobile DJs from around the country will gather to learn the business, build their own businesses, and network with others from around the world.

I’m honored to be speaking at this event. I’ll be giving a presentation I’ve titled “Make It Happen!”. In a nutshell it is about a philosophy of delivering your clients dreams at all costs.

Read more about the ADJA Conference  here.

If you are a DJ, I hope to see you there. If you are a bride or groom, I hope you’ll want someone at your wedding reception with a make it happen attitude.

Cincinnati Wedding: Fun Introductions!

How many times have you been to a wedding and watched the same old tired introductions of a wedding party? Do you even know who the wedding party members are to the bride and groom after they are introduced? Wedding party introductions if done right can be a highlight of the night. Wedding party introductions done the same old way can be a pretty big indicator to your guests that this reception is going to be just like all the rest.

To showcase their talents most  wedding DJs and entertainers would show potential clients pictures of dancing like this one from a wedding I did recently.

Dancing is great and we are all about rockin your dance floor and giving you the reception of your dreams. But, why wait until dancing to entertain your guests? Why not do an introduction of the wedding party that will have your guests this entertained from the start of your party.

This is what your guests will miss out on when you just hire music. Fun introductions!


Want to know how we create this FUN? We will tell you when you meet with us!

It’s more than music..it’s ENTERTAINMENT!

(Thanks to Mike Bressnan photography and JMM Photography for the amazing pictures)