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The timeline of your wedding day is one of the most important elements that will impact how you and your guests feel about your big day.

A great timeline will reduce your stress,maximize your time at the reception and allow you to relax and enjoy your day. A good reception timeline will highlight all the important moments, flow smoothly and get you to dancing quickly.  This information will be invaluable to you.

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Amazing Venues

Wow! Hello again. Wedding season has been in full swing for us and it has been difficult to keep up with blogging. 2012 has been an amazing year. I have personally worked with some of the most amazing couples this year. I love meeting them, getting to know them, watching them share their big day and then following along with their lives afterwards on Facebook.

Another thing I love is the variety of venues I get to work at over the course of a wedding season. This year has been exceptionally amazing in that regard.

Here are a few of the amazing venues I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year. I hope this gives some of you some great ideas for your events. Keep in mind these are only a few. There are links to many more great venues right on this page.

Griffin Gate Resort -Lexington (above)
Get married on the Mansion lawn and party in this awesome tent. Yes I’ll go to Lexington (Louisville too)


Green Acres – Indian Hill Ohio (above)

This place is amazing. Talk about a Mansio! Google pictures of this place or see the ones I posted on our Facebook page.  The grounds features a large fountain, a massive rock wall and a permanent tent that is just insanely beautiful.


Krippendorf Lodge at Cincinnati Nature Center (above)

For an outdoor wedding and reception this place is perfect. The lodge has a wrap around porch that can be used for seating. The patio works for seating and for dancing. Great for those who love nature.


Newport Aquarium – Newport KY (above)

The Aquarium has a beautiful ballroom and also features added entertainment for your guests. They can view the aquarium then come dance the night away with a city view and a patio right on the river. For a few extra bucks you can even have a penguin visit your reception.


The Hilton – Hall Of Mirrors (above)

This historic room is one of the nicest in the entire city. With a wrap around balcony this room can be decorated with light and transformed into anything you can imagine. With 5 star service you’ll be sure to impress your guests here.

Drees Pavillion – Devoe Park Covington Ky (above)

It is no surprise that this place sells out every year. The room is awesome and the view of the Cincinnati Skyline is simply breathtaking. The gazebo is a great setting for your ceremony and the patio is perfect for cocktail hour. Then the guests will move inside for the party.

The Schuster Center – Dayton Ohio (above)

This venue is incredible. The Wintergarden features giant palm trees and is surrounded with glass. A giant staircase makes the entrance to the room dramatic and the separate bar area can be used for the cocktail hour.

The Bell Event Centre – Cincinnati Ohio (above)

This renovated historical church is simply one of the most impressive wedding venues in Cincinnati.  Front of the room still features the classic church feel and is perfect for your ceremony. The Veranda outside is elegant and a nice change of pace for your cocktail hour. Then when your guests move back inside they will find that the room has been transformed into a very modern vibrant reception.

Again there are many great venues to choose from in the Tri-State. These are just a few of the amazing places. For links to other places we recommend check out the links on the side of this page.

Finally,. think about this. As amazing as these venues are, without great entertainment your reception could still fall flat. Hire a proven professional. I’m available nationwide.

Until next time… have fun planning your big day!

New wedding Venue In Cincinnati! The Center

Last week I was able to stop in at The Center for a wedding vendor networking party put on by The Knot. The Center is a new event venue in downtown Cincinnati. The place is awesome! Windows in the venue overlook Fountain Square. The space was big but divided up just enough to offer an intimate feel. I’m sure they offer many options for decorating the venue. At the party I attended the place was popping with fabric on the walls and uplighting used to make the place shine. Some of the space had been set-up in a VIP nightclub feel with lounge furniture. It was very current and modern and really beautiful.

Here is a link to a few pictures on their blog so you can see for yourself.

The Center is of course surrounded by many downtown hotels and would make the perfect place for out of town guests to party and get safely back to their rooms.

If you are considering downtown venues for your reception, put The Center on your list to visit.

Trapped In DJ Hell

I took the night off on New Years Eve and quickly found myself in DJ hell. My Facebook friends saw my status updates that night.  It was not good but by the time we figured out that it wouldn’t be good we had already spent a pretty penny and it was too late in the night to make other plans.

Here is some of what I put on facebook that night.

I’m at a new years eve party and the DJ sucks BADLY! No kidding he just went from New York New York to Sharp Dressed Man to open the dance floor. Calling a cab stat!

Ah Old Time Rock & Roll for a second time! Not! This is what I get for scheduling the night off.

A local hotel has been hosting a NYE party for years. The deal includes purchasing a room which gets you access to a party with open bar and dinner. My wife and I along with some friends decided to check it out because it was close to home and wouldn’t require us to drive anywhere. It sounded like a good deal and overall it was. Except for one thing, THE DJ.

It wasn’t just his poor choice of music, or his 20 year old speakers that sounded worse than my home stereo but it was also his constant talking between songs. It was also the random order of songs going from one genre to the next with a silent pause between some songs that would clear the dance floor. This crowd was ready to party and he made it so difficult for us all.

Although this post may sound like a DJ bashing, it is not. It is me telling you that I learned a lesson that many brides don’t learn until after it’s too late for them. You hire a DJ because it sounds like a great deal only to end up trapped in DJ Hell at your own wedding reception.

When you hire a DJ for your wedding, you are hiring someone who will have a live microphone in their hands in front of all the most important people in your life on the biggest day of your life. You are hiring someone who will be responsible for entertaining your guests for the majority of your wedding day. You are hiring someone who will oversee the flow of your reception and make sure that things stay on schedule. You are hiring the person who controls the energy in the room and helps create atmosphere. You are hiring the single most important wedding vendor of your wedding day.

Don’t be a bride who decides to save money on the DJ just because there are cheap DJs out there. They are cheap for a reason. They know exactly what they are worth and your wedding day is worth more than that. Once you arrive and realize your DJ isn’t very good, it’s too late.   DJ is not the place to save money in your budget, it just isn’t. If you want to know what to look for when you hire a DJ come meet with me. If you want to see the difference on video from one DJ to the next come meet with me.  Don’t find yourself trapped in DJ Hell at the biggest most important party of your life.

Bridal Shows! Who’s coming?

Hey Mr DJ Entertainment will be participating in three, that’s right 3, bridal shows in October.

Thursday October 6th   @ the Newport Aquarium. Looking for a unique Venue? You have to go to this show. Doors open at 7:00  Admission is just $5

Thursday October 13th @ Paul Brown Stadium for a huge bridal show titled “After Hours Bridal Show” – Free Admission and there will be a special presentation for grooms only.

Sunday October 23rd @ Great Wolf Lodge for A Fall Bridal Affair $5 at the door or pre-register and get Free Admission.

At the After Hours Bridal show I will be hosting the Grooms Huddle. This presentation is strictly for grooms only. Grooms will receive some top secret tips from wedding experts.

Hope to see all of you at the shows. Please stop by our booth at say hello.

Brides Talk About Their Best Investments and Things They Wish They Had Made A Priority

Going into the wedding planning process, brides are often smitten with wedding shows on TV and with wedding magazines. Most of these shows and magazines highlight the beauty of the wedding while very few mention the entertainment. They all show you how to make your wedding pretty but none of them show you how to make your wedding fun.

Below is a video interview with brides who were recently married. All but one of the brides mentions the DJ as something they either were glad they made a priority or something they wish they had made a priority. The one who doesn’t mention the DJ is an older bride who had different priorities and a different vision than most. I really enjoyed the comments from the girl who hired her DJ from Craigslist. Good talent isn’t cheap and cheap talent isn’t good.

I find it really interesting that articles and these interviews always seem to indicate the same thing. After the wedding, the bride often realizes the entertainment should have been a huge priority. An article in St. Louis Bride and Groom magazine back in 2003 showed that 72% of brides wished they had made entertainment a priority for their reception. 81% of guests surveyed said the entertainment and fun was the #1 thing they remember. Within a week of their wedding day being over 78% of couples say they wish they had made the entertainment their #1 priority

And now this video seems to indicate the same thing.

The DJ Wedding Vendors Use When They Get Married

Another DJ in town used to use this little tag line. If you think about it, it really means a lot. Wedding Vendors have been to hundreds of weddings. They have seen the best and worst of vendors. So for one of them to select us to entertain at their wedding is a huge vote of approval and a huge honor.

We have had that honor several times. In fact I believe we are The DJ Company Wedding Vendors Use When They Get Married or have events.

When Jen and Steve Adkins from Jen Adkins Photography were married, we did the event. Same for Nicole from Nicole Lynn Photography and for Christy from Gardner Photography.

We also performed at the wedding of the owners of Academy Event Rental. Our good friend Sean Richie from Lifemark Studios who does both Photo and Video is another one of our past wedding clients. Shannon Burns, from Imaged By Shannon is one of our brides and she has sent many of her friends our way. Just this past weekend we performed at the wedding and reception of  Jessica Fischer, who is a friend and former photographer for Images By Daniel Michael. You can read what he had to say about us on his blog.

Additionally when Beach Photography had a birthday party, we were the choice. We also performed at a birthday party for the owners of one of Cincinnati’s most well known wedding venues, the Manor House. We have also done two parties for  Laura at Laura Lane Photography.  Additionally, Shannon Wullenweber, a Cincinnati area wedding planner has referred us to do one of  her best friends weddings and we have performed at several parties for her family.

There are also a few more that I am not mentioning here for privacy reasons.

So, if wedding vendors turn to us with their events. Why wouldn’t you?