Surprise Wedding, Even to the Bride!

This is awesome. Someone shared this with the DJs over at Just amazing and chances are you’ll shed a tear or many.

As a declaimer, Hey! Mr DJ Entertainment nor myself had anything to do with this event. It’s just an awesome internet find.



Our Customers Know The Secret

You can hire an average DJ and hope to have a great reception or you can hire Hey! Mr DJ Entertainment and know your reception is going to be better than you could have imagined. Just come meet with us and you’ll see the difference.

Cincinnati Wedding: Fun Introductions!

How many times have you been to a wedding and watched the same old tired introductions of a wedding party? Do you even know who the wedding party members are to the bride and groom after they are introduced? Wedding party introductions if done right can be a highlight of the night. Wedding party introductions done the same old way can be a pretty big indicator to your guests that this reception is going to be just like all the rest.

To showcase their talents most  wedding DJs and entertainers would show potential clients pictures of dancing like this one from a wedding I did recently.

Dancing is great and we are all about rockin your dance floor and giving you the reception of your dreams. But, why wait until dancing to entertain your guests? Why not do an introduction of the wedding party that will have your guests this entertained from the start of your party.

This is what your guests will miss out on when you just hire music. Fun introductions!


Want to know how we create this FUN? We will tell you when you meet with us!

It’s more than’s ENTERTAINMENT!

(Thanks to Mike Bressnan photography and JMM Photography for the amazing pictures)

High School Sweethearts Matt & Jenn

Last night Matt & Jenn got married. They first met in Jr. High Band. They Began dating as juniors in high school and even dated long distance for 5 years. We were thrilled to provide the entertainment. From a customized entrance to a great centerpiece giveaway to a packed dance floor to a surprise emotional last dance it was one amazing night. The Heritage Club staff was on top of everything. Brian from Images by Daniel Michael is always great to work with. It all came together last night. Here are some of my iPhone pictures.

Social Networking

Today I’m attending a vendor lunch. The subject is social networking. So I thought I would post a short post encouraging everyone to find me on Facebook and Linked in. Just click  here or search my name and let’s connect. To follow me on Twitter click here

Pics from the luncheon