7 Simple Ways To Better Enjoy Your Wedding Day

  1. The night before your wedding day, take it easy on the alcohol and get to bed at a decent hour. – We know rehearsal dinners are fun and can turn into a party on their own. Go ahead and have a great time. Just don’t overdo it. The last thing you want is to wake up with a hangover on your wedding day.ID-100235774
  2. Make sure your wedding party has a printed or text messaged schedule of where they need to be on the wedding day. – Make sure the schedule includes when and where they are meeting to get ready. Make sure they know the location of pictures and that after the ceremony before heading off to the reception they will likely be needed for more pictures. You don’t want one uninformed groomsman to screw up your entire schedule and have you rushing to get tot he ceremony or reception. There is a great blog post on DIY schedules like this here atlast-weddings.blogspot.com Itenerary_for_Bridal_Party
  3. Schedule your Honeymoon flight for Monday morning-  This is a tip I got from a good friend and expert in honeymoon travel. Jerry Katz over at First Discount Travel. If your reception is a good one, it will usually be a late one. there will be people you have not seen in a long time and you may end up staying out late or having a few too many drinks. Take Sunday to recover, savor the night before, and to maybe open gifts with family. Then on Monday morning you will be refreshed and hopefully on time for your honeymoon flight. romantic-16955_640
  4. Hire a professional MC. – I don’t want this to sound like a sales pitch for my services but I really do believe this. Imagine getting up early, getting ready, getting pictures taken, and going through the most emotional moments of your life in front of everyone who is special to you. When all that is over you finally make it to your party. Wouldn’t it just be nice to be able to relax at that point and know that your professional MC has thing under control.   The peace of mind to know he will take care of the schedule, will call you by the right name , will help make your reception fun and perfect. brandonmc
  5. Eat – Sometimes it’s a combination of worrying about fitting into the dress, nerves and time restraints but many brides don’t eat very much on their wedding day. Wake up in the morning and have a good sensible breakfast. Have a light lunch and then when your reception dinner is served take time to enjoy it. It’s important that you feel good a healthy on your wedding day. It will also help not to be drinking on an empty stomach.    Besides you scheduled dinner..everyone else is eating. You should too. 20121003-143357.jpg
  6. Savor the little moments – I read an article posted on Facebook about the secret to happiness being taking in all the small moments in life. In the moment realizing how good our food tastes, how beautiful a day is, how perfect a sunset can be, the subtle moments in a friendship. On your wedding day appreciate, savor, bask in the fantastic little moments as they happen. Getting ready with your best friends in the world, having a photo shoot with them, dancing with them, that look in your dads eye, that sunset, the feelings in your stomach, the hug of a relative, the perfect tone of a song. Enjoy it all. 
    Jason and his Mom Share a Dance

    Soak it in!


  7. Don’t sweat the small stuff – It’s your wedding day so everything is going to feel like a big deal. That groomsman who is joking around when you want a serious picture, that small delay before you are introduced into the reception, the guy on the dance floor who drank too much, the weather, the lighting,  it may not all go according to plan. Just keep it all in perspective and take a deep breath. Try not to dwell on it or snap. Then see #6 again and realize you have each other.

    Crista and Eric Dance, the last dance of the night

    You have all that matters


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