Hey! Mr DJ Entertainment Brandon’s Top Hits of 2012!

2012 was an amazing year for us at Hey! Mr. DJ Entertainment. We started the year by winning “Best Of Awards” “Brides Choice” Awards. As wedding season kicked into high gear we were able to work with so many amazing and wonderful clients.

We expanded our market in 2012 and did several weddings in Dayton and Lexington. We had several couples who used Dayton’s Schuster Centre for their events. What an amazing place that is! We also made a few trips to the Dayton Country Club and to the Packard Museum. We also traveled to Lexington for three weddings in 2012. One of those events was at The Red Mile Race Track where guests could bet on live racing during the reception. Another we had in Lexington was for Ryan and Jane Mosser at the Griffin Gate Resort. Here is a quote from Ryan from our Facebook page

I don’t just like Hey! Mr. DJ…I love them. They made our wedding the best day of our lives. Everyone of our friends and family are still talking about them!!!

We also continued work at some of our favorite venues in Cincinnati. The Elements Event Centre was host to several of our clients events and maybe our funniest introduction moment of a wedding party member all year when we tricked the brides sister into thinking we had a video of her as a child acting like Marsha Clark during the OJ Simpson trial. When we said let’s turn to the big screen for that video the sister almost died, and when we revealed that we were joking the room erupted in laughter.

Another venue were we did several wedding and multiple corporate parties was the Manor House.  For 2013 they have added a new building to their property called the Carriage house. Make sure you check it out.

The Country Clubs we worked this year were as always so accommodating and awesome. I was very sad to hear about the passing of my Friend Julie Gutzwiller at Shaker Run. She was always so incredible to us and did such a great service for her brides. It is nice to know that her dear friend Ryan Gilley has taken over for her and will carry on what she has started out there. One of our events at Shaker Run this past year was especially special to me because there were several families who’s weddings I had done all in one room. The Kocon family had hired me and it was great to also see the Ballard’s there and here how people still talk about both weddings so much.

Just this past weekend at Clovernook Country Club I had the pleasure of working the Rebecca Barclay’s wedding and I got to see her sister and her husband who’s wedding I did  2 and a half years ago. Megan and Rob Fausz are doing awesome and it was so great to see them again.

Also to stick with the Family connections. I was able to DJ one wild wedding reception, that even featured the UC Bearcat. That reception was for The Adkins family. I had previously DJ’d for Bill and Helene and it was great to see their family always knows how to party from the first song till the last note.

Drees Pavillion this year we had some GREAT parties one of which featured an Ohio State like entrance that brought the house down.

I really enjoyed my first experience DJing weddings at Great American Ballpark in 2012. I remember telling the Love Story of Meredith and Brandon and looking up ans seeing so many people in tears of joy. That was one awesome moment!

We had some amazing wedding party introduction moments in 2012 as well. Katie and Michael at Greene Acres where it was not only beautiful but the introductions of the wedding party had the entire place in laughter.

Other top moments:

Matt and Charlene at Elements where we used a video of Charlene singing with joy right after the proposal was hilarious.

Long distance toasts we were able to provide for our clients who had those important family members who couldn’t attend.

Ryan and Jane’s first dance where I was able to put the vowels they wrote into the first dance song. Great moment!

Our DJ Patrick Ray got married and we used Skype so his uncle who is battling cancer could see the wedding.

Our former MC Myron Heggood getting married and his wife singing to him At Last. that was very cool.

Gangam Style at Rachel Ha’s wedding with her Korean family!

All the guys at weddings this year that we caught singing Call Me Maybe lol

Some of the tearful father of the bride speeches that moved everyone in the room.

There are so many moments and this article/post is getting way too long. I just want to thank all of my amazing clients from 2012. You know who you are and I truly enjoyed working with each and every one of you. I’m sure our other MC’s and DJs feel the same way about their clients. I heard so many awesome stories from their weddings this year from people suddenly dancing during dinner to surprise entrances into the room to sparkler exits it was a fantastic 2012.

I look forward to all the clients I’ll have a chance to work with in 2013 and making some amazing moments for them as well.

I really love working every year with some of my favorite vendors and meeting new vendors as well. You also know who you are and it was a pleasure as always. I look forward to more of it in 2013.

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