Cincinnati Bridal Show – Elements Afterhours

Just when you thought the Bridal show season was over, Elements Event Centre is poised to host the coolest show of the season. Afterhours!

If you have a late 2011 wedding or you are already planning your 2012 nuptials then this show is for you. May 19th 2011 from 8pm -11pm stop in at Elements near rt. 42 and 275 and say hello to Hey! Mr. DJ Entertainment and other wedding vendors. Have a drink in the afterhours vibe and dance and chat up the vendors.

Stop by our offices for a meeting between now and then and I’ve got tickets for you.


2 thoughts on “Cincinnati Bridal Show – Elements Afterhours

  1. Hello, I would like to know if there is room for lia sophia Jewelry in this event.We offer several pieces that would work well with wedding attire.

    Thank you,
    Tracy McDonald
    Independent Jewelry Party Planner

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