Finding Your Unique

When speaking about wedding receptions, words like unique, creative, personalized, fun, memorable are heard quite often.  They are words most brides would use to describe the event they would like to create.  I think sometimes these words are thrown around by both brides and vendors without really taking into account what unique really means. 

Just a few quick definitions of UNIQUE so we are all on the same page.

1.existing as the only one or as the sole example
2. having no like or equal
3. limited in occurrence to a  situation
4. limited to a single outcome or result
5. not typical

Those may seem like some pretty lofty definitions when it comes to a wedding reception. I especially like #2, having no like or equal. Here is the thing though. Your reception is already by almost all of these definitions, unique simply because it happens once and YOU are the only YOU.

The only definition that isn’t covered by default is #5 NOT TYPICAL.

I think this is the one most brides are referring to when describing their reception. That nasty world “Typical”. Is there a worse word than “typical” when it comes to how someone describes a once in a lifetime event? Brides tell me all the time that they don’t want all the typical music. Would you describe your dream cake as typical? Flowers?  Would you want to hear your guests leaving the reception and saying “Oh that was the typical wedding reception”? I think we can safely say NO.

So how can we make sure your reception is not TYPICAL?

Maybe the most unique thing in the world is a finger print. It belongs only to one person and it can’t be replicated. Just like your story, your relationships, your experiences belong to you and you only. If you want your reception to be unique, make it about you. Put your fingerprint on the day. Look into your past, into your relationships, your unique characteristics and create moments that will add up to a unique reception that is about YOU.

Let me give you some examples:

Tara was one of my 2010 clients. Her wedding was very unique. she used creative ideas, her love for Hawaii and relationships to create a once in a lifetime, never to be duplicated day. One example of something unique to her and only her is pictured below.

She and her brother played an impromptu game growing up. They found an old ugly stuffed animal in the attic of their house. They would then randomly surprise each other with it. Tara would leave it on her brothers bed, he would hang it from her ceiling fan, she would put it in his closet. This game continued, sometimes after years of inactivity, into adulthood. Tara returned to her dorm room at college to find “The Animal” on her dorm room bed. Her brother had driven two hours to put it there and didn’t even stay to say hello to her. The game was still on. 

So when Tara got married this year we were introducing her brother as part of the wedding party. I told the story to the crowd to demonstrate how great of a relationship they have. Then as I introduced him, I introduced his friend as well and from behind my DJ booth I tossed him “the animal”.  

Photo by Mark Garber photography

This is just one example. It’s an example that can never be exactly recreated. It’s something the guests will remember forever. It was a moment Tara and her brother will never forget. It was far from “typical”.

Another quick example from this past year was very simple but just awesome. Pete and Amy had their reception at the Redmoor. Amy and her sisters had a dance they did growing up to the song L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole. They did it that night during dancing and as they spelled out the letters L-O-V-E with their bodies and acted out the lyrics, it was one of the cutest things I got to see all year. It wasn’t typical.

My challenge to you is, FIND YOUR UNIQUE. You don’t have to copy the latest YouTube dance craze to have a unique reception. You are what is unique about your day.  Embrace it and if you need a little help putting it all together give me a call.


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