Cincinnati Wedding – Places We’ve Played: 20th Century Theatre

I thought I’d start a weekly blog entitled “Places We’ve Played”. This will be a great way for brides and grooms to hear about different venues around Cincinnati and perhaps offer ideas for places to have their reception.

Today’s Places We’ve Played; 20th Century Theatre in Oakley

If you are looking for a reception venue that doesn’t feel like a reception venue. If you are looking for something with flavor, that sets a mood for your party then you can’t go wrong with 20th Century Theatre.

Saturday I had the pleasure of performing at Carla and Will’s wedding and the 20th Century made for a great party spot. It used to be an old movie theatre. Now they host private events and concerts there. It has this cool vibe to it. When you rent the place you pretty much have it for as many hours as you need it. The staff was very friendly. They have a private lounge upstairs for the bridal party to enjoy before introductions. I’ve performed there many times and we just always seem to have great parties at this place. Stop in and tell them I sent ya 🙂 I think you’ll be pleasently surprised and you might even end up with your name in lights just like Carla and Will.


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