Cincinnati Wedding DJ: The Redmoor With Pete and Amy

    Saturday I had the pleasure of performing at a wedding at The Redmoor for the first time. The Redmoor is located in Mount Lookout in Cincinnati and was formerly The Cinema Grill.  It has that movie theatre rat pack vibe. It’s really makes for a nice place to have a wedding reception especially for couples looking to get away from the typical reception hall feel.

Pete and Amy came to us all the way from California. They had seen me perform at a wedding for Amy’s brother David at French Park here in Cincinnati. In fact there is blog post about that wedding on here as well.

As I watched this video I noticed the dancing scenes are mostly to older songs. I assure you we played plenty of new music on this night as well. Pete and Amy had a great crowd that appreciated all kinds of music and we were very fortunate to be part of their wedding day. Check out the highlights below and if you are planning a reception at The Redmoor give me a call. I have a few more weddings scheduled there in the coming months and I’d be happy to go back anytime. It’s a great place. My compliments to Mandy and her staff on a job well done Saturday.

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