Wendy’s Bridal Show Attendees, Did you know?

If you attended the Wendy’s Bridal Show there is a very good chance that you got one of these in a lanyard:

We provided these at the show to not only help vendors identify you as “The Bride” but also to help you ask good questions to the DJs at the show and even later as you interview DJs on the phone. You see the Cincinnati DJ market is a little bit scary.

We have DJ companies in Cincinnati who will book as many weddings as they can on a given date and then they’ll go out and try to hire DJs to do those weddings. Do you want your wedding to be handled that way?

We have DJ companies who claim they “Do the same thing as us” yet they don’t even invest the time to memoraize the bride and grooms name let alone the 10-15 hours of planning we put in to make your day unique to you.

We also have plenty of DJ companies who simply don’t know how to or even see the value in giving you a unique and personalized wedding reception. They think that if they have your special dance songs the wedding is personalized. You shouldn’t be raving about a DJ just becasue he managed to make sure he had all of your special dance songs. That should be expected. Did they offer you any ideas tht made you stop in your tracks and go “Wow!” ? We will.

Ask these questions to Cincinnati Wedding DJs and you should get a pretty good idea of who is doing business the right way.


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