Ken’s Surprise

Michelle and Ken met in Chemistry class in high school and “chemistry” they had. Friday night they were married at the Kings Island Resort and Conference Centre where they also celebrated with a great reception. 

I plan on talking more about this reception in a future blog when I get some pictures from our friends at Images By Daniel Michael. What I want to highlight in this blog is Ken’s Surprise.

A few months before the wedding Michelle called me to ask about some things. During our conversation I learned they had just found out Ken’s brother, who was to be the best man, was being deployed to Iraq before the  wedding.  Fast forward to Friday night.  Just after the toasts I paused looked at the crowd and said “You know what, there is one more toast and it comes all the way from Iraq.”  My DJ hit play and this is what Ken, Michelle and their guests heard.

   [Vimeo 6509566]

And Ken’s reaction:

I don’t think I have experianced a more emotional moment at a wedding reception before in my life. Michelle should be commended as she was a big part of setting this up with his brother. This is just one example of the lengths we will go to for our clients and how a simple idea can have such a big impact on the wedding day.

Here is what Michelle had to say about our services.

Hi Brandon  –

I know you are probably sick of me saying this (lol) but I really cannot thank you enough for making our wedding day the best ever!  We have heard nothing but amazing compliments about our fabulous DJs.  We had a ton of people tell us it was the best wedding reception they’d ever been too!  They loved the custom intros, the shoely-wed game, and the overall flow of the night.  We even got a few “hey those guys are hot!”  The music was great, the lights were amazing, and you guys just plain rock!   

I am also beyond appreciative that you helped pull off that speech with his brother.  It was definitely a show-stopper and poor Kenny still gets teary although he did finally listen to the entire thing.  It was definitely an emotional day all around and you made the day unforgettable.

Thank you!  I hope we can stay in touch! 

*~Michelle C. Milton~*


2 thoughts on “Ken’s Surprise

  1. Kenneth Stamm, Sr. says:

    Brandon, just a quick note to let you know how much everyone appreciated the toast from my son Brett to his brother Ken, Jr. on his wedding day. I t was done with dignity and class. Thanks again. Ken Stamm, Sr.

  2. Mark says:

    Just an example of what couples miss out when they don’t invest in very good professional DJ’s that truly cares about the outcome of a couples wedding.
    Great job Brandon!

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