That Looks Easy

Imagine yourself at work doing your job. Suddenly in walks a guy off the street with no training or experiance doing what you do. He tells your boss, or your client he is better at your job than you are.  Suprisingly he pulls up a chair and begins telling everyone who will listen that he does the same thing you do only cheaper.

Welcome to the world of the mobile DJ where this happens every day. With  a little bit of gear, a few thousand downloaded songs and a flashy new website that guy might look just like me to a potential client.

Imagine how frightening that would be in other lines of work. Instead of buying a CD player on ebay that guy decides to buy a set of scrubs and stroles into the local hospital to see a few patients for some side money. Maybe he prints up some cool business cards with his picture on them and a yard sign at Kinkos and convinces your grandmother he can sell her home. After all, it looks easy right?

The difference is, in those fields what he is doing is illegal because you must be certified to perform those duties. There is no certificate that says someone is qualified to speak, entertain, direct and DJ at your wedding reception.   

While what I do may not be a matter of life and death, it’s a pretty big deal to my clients who are celebrating the biggest day of  their lives in front of the most important people in their lives.

So, to qualify myself I seek out training. In the past several years I have attended countless seminars and workshops. I’ve traveled  to Chicago, Tennessee, Florida, California, and Nevada to attend these events and to get the training and knowledge I need to provide the best experiance to YOU my clients. 

Here are a few photos to prove it.

This is me in LA with my friend Peter Merry.

This is me in LA with my friend Peter Merry.

Peter put on a two day workshop entitled The Professional Process in January of this year. This  first one was by invitation only and I was honored to be there.  Peter is the author of the book he is holding The Best Wedding Reception Ever and is one of the most respected entertainers in our field.

The Marbecca Method MC workshop

The Marbecca Method MC workshop

This is me and the other graduates of the Marbecca Method MC workshop put on by Mark and Rebecca Ferrell. Mark is by all accounts one of the biggest industry leaders in our field.  Mark traveled the country in 2008 presenting this 2 day workshop. Imagine being put on the microphone in front of your peers for evaluation. What a learning experiance!

Heck I even did a 10 week comedy class at the Funny Bone put on by Jeffery Jenna. That little experiance ended with me on stage on a sold out night trying my hand at comedy. It changed me forever. 

I’ve spent a pretty good amount of money on this training. I’m not trying to brag here. I, like you when you appiled for your job, am simply showing my potential employers (you) my resume. I strongly suggest that if you are looking for a DJ imagine yourself as the HR person. Look at the resumes of  those waiting in your lobby and ask them questions other than, “How much will you work for?”


2 thoughts on “That Looks Easy

  1. nancy says:

    Very well said!!! i could not agree more.

  2. Scott says:

    Kudos! These “Discount DJs” are cheapening the industry and saturating it with inferior talent, equipment and expertise. “You get what you pay for” is often never more true than with reception entertainment.

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