Evolution Of A First Dance

Jeremy and Tiffany had been exploring youtube. They saw a few fun first dances they liked and even though they admitted they were not the best dancers in the world they wanted to have some fun. My part in this was mixing the music and showing them the best place to put the first dance in the schedule. I wanted to make sure that we used the energy it created in the room to build the dance floor. This took place at The Madison in the Crystal Ballroom on May 16th 2008. Sorry it took me so long to post it. I had it on my old video camera.


There night was filled with many other terrific moments as well.

Thanks Tiffany and Jeremy for letting me be part of this.  I love you guys!


One thought on “Evolution Of A First Dance

  1. GREAT GREAT GREAT! I’ve seen the original youtube vid, but this is great!

    -Joe Beck

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