Your wedding day will be filled with emotional moments. As a Master of Ceremonies my job is to help put my clients in good situations through planning and by recognizing where those moments might come so that they are highlighted in the schedule and so the guests recognize them as well. It is also the ability of the Master of Ceremonies to handle your announcements in a simple but genuine way so that your guests feel that emotion in the air.

Anna moved to tears during a sneak peak of the room

Anna moved to tears during a sneak peak of the room

I think my friend Matt Pine’s company, Lifetime Video does a great job of capturing not just the footage of your wedding day but recognizing the emotion in the day and knowing when to anticipate it happening so that it is captured on video forever. Even better you can see in the editing process that the emotion is highlighted and jumps out at you. It’s not your typical wedding video.

This is a link to a video on Matt’s blog from a wedding we did together on August 2nd for Anna and Dave. They are a great couple with awesome friends and wonderful families. I really enjoyed this reception. It was classy, beautiful and FUN! This is what Matt calls a trailer. It’s a highlight real for the couple and their family and friends to get excited about while the finished product is being completed.

Look for the emotion!! The Perfect Day – A Wedding Trailer by Lifetime Video

Special thanks to Heidi from I Thee Wed for sending Anna and Dave my way. I appreciate your trust in me.


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