Return to French Park

Prior to this year I had not worked at French Park. In one of my earlier posts “Matt and Emily’s Uplighting” you can see the uplighting. Having been there I had even more ideas for Leah and Dave’s wedding pictured below.

All the guests were seated under the tent so everything was centralized. This made it much easier to focus the guests attention on the most important parts of the day.  The tent made the perfect Canvas for a monogram!

Leah and Dave’s first dance at dusk..with their monogram.(Provided by me)

What A First Dance!

What A First Dance!

The guests were treated to personalized introductions where Dave and Leah had provided me with some funny and cute stories to share about the wedding party members as they entered. We got even more creative for dinner as guests were asked trivia questions about the couple. Those tables that answered correctly were invited to the buffet line immediately. If they missed they had to select another table to go  just ahead of them.  Dave and Leah were also asked some questions about each other at the conclusion of dinner in a newlywed game fashion. It was terrific.

In a survey to us Leah said her favorite part of the day was “the mini love story” I did for them . As they met in the center of the dance floor for their final dance their guests heard the story of how they met , how their first date went and how Dave had asked Leah to be his wife on New Years Eve. It was very powerful and the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Here are a few more pictures.

Guests seated under the tent  for dinner

Guests seated under the tent for dinner

Patio Dancing - Pink Uplights

Patio Dancing - Pink Uplights

Here is what Leah had to say on our survey afterwards.

“It was awesome – it went above and beyond all expectations. You guys came up with so many awesome additions to the reception (the lights, the games, etc) that I know everyone will remember!!”

“I loved that our last dance was accompanied by the story of us (the bride and groom) getting together.”

“You guys do so much more than play the music, and you add so much to the event besides the music. My reception stood out from everyone else’s I’ve ever been to because of the DJ!”

Thanks Leah and Dave. I was so happy to be part of your day.


One thought on “Return to French Park

  1. The lighting is AMAZING! I’ve been to French Park many times but haven’t seen it look this nice yet!

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