Weekly Tip #2 – Be Creative

Most couples approach planning a wedding reception based on what they have seen before. This makes since because so many of the same formalities and traditions are wrapped up in the day. A colleague and mentor of mine, Mark Ferrell, likes to say “It isn’t what you do, It’s how you do it”. I couldn’t agree more. Every moment of your reception from the cocktail hour until the last song of the night can be creative and made to be different than what you’re guests are used to seeing.

I typically offer my clients somewhere in the area of 50 creative ideas for their reception. They choose two or three or four of those ideas, that fit their personality. These are things that grab the attention of their guests. These are things that make them decide to stay a little longer and they are things that will leave your guests feeling like they “experienced something” rather than “attended something”. Perhaps it is a creative introduction into the room or a creative way to get your guests into a buffet line that will impress. Maybe it’s an emotional father daughter dance, or a surprise first dance your guest will be moved by. Whatever it is don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Just to be clear creativity doesn’t have to be wild. It can also be heart felt. I recently did the reception of Thomas and Becky Flutey. Becky told me the story of the song she had decided on for her dance with her father. After hearing it I knew others would want to hear it as well. So we placed the Father Daughter dance right after toasts. Becky’s dad was the last person to speak and afterwards I asked him to stay there on the dance floor as Becky took the microphone. She told her story to the crowd. She talked about how her dad would take her fishing and they would sing the song to and from these father daughter outings. She talked about how much he meant to her and how that song reminds her of him. Then she said “Dad can I have this dance?” Call it creative, emotional, or memorable Becky’s dance with her dad was all three and I can promise you her guests were moved by it.

So don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and raise the bar at your reception. If you choose to hire me I can help with that. There is also a great book on the subject, The Best Wedding Reception Ever written by a friend of mine, Peter Merry.

Where ever you get the ideas have fun being creative in your planning!


One thought on “Weekly Tip #2 – Be Creative

  1. Nick Logan says:

    You’re a legend, Mr Lindsey. Even way down here in New Zealand people know of your work, and I know your clients are so lucky to have you involved in their wedding day.

    I hope you never decide to move here to live!

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