It Feels Good

I’m not the only MC working for my company. My partner Jason and I own 5 systems and with the help of great employees each weekend we can do multiple events. Our goal is to keep the quality high regardless of quantity. It feels good to hear how we impact people’s lives.

Jason and I did a wedding together back in 2005. For Julie and Ryan Tomlinson. Julie had seen me at her friends Ryan and Katie Wolf’s wedding, where she was a bridesmaid. Here is a picture of her dancing that night.

Julie dancing.

You go Julie.

Jason saw Julie again Saturday Night at Greg and Jill’s wedding reception.

Ryan and Julie

Ryan and Julie again Saturday

Because we believe in forming relationships with our clients and not just showing up and playing music, Jason remembered them and their reception. He also remembered their first dance song. For one of the slow songs that night he played it with no announcement. He just played it. He had a nice conversation with the couple and the reception held at RSVP at Wards Corner was soo good it went an extra hour Saturday.

Yesterday Jason received this email from Julie. He said he teared up a little bit.


Just wanted to say GREAT JOB at Jill and Greg’s wedding! I wish every wedding I went to was DJ’d by you guys. There is so much energy and it’s such as blast.

Like I told you at the reception, 3 years after my wedding, people are still telling me that my reception was the best they’d ever been to. Starlite Ballroom isn’t the most glamorous hall for a reception but you placed the attention on the fun and energy…thanks again for that.

I will continue to spread the word about Hey Mr DJ for as long as you all are in the biz. You’re awesome and thanks for the kind words after my tear-filled toast. Oh, and thanks for playing mine and Ryan’s song, that made my night.

Keep rockin’!
Julie Tomlinson

Thank you SO much Julie. That makes us all feel awesome!


One thought on “It Feels Good

  1. Alex says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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